The BCKL bicycle created by enthusiasts. For everyone.

Two sisters bathed in cycling since their earliest childhood

A passion, a state of mind

Former mountain bike champions

A requirement at the service of quality

Make you love your daily commute

Colors and good humor

From rough trails to the city

The experience of pebbles applied to bitumen

Who is hiding behind BCKL?

We are two sisters, Laura and Hanna, 18 months apart and a common passion: cycling and more precisely mountain biking.

For the record, for years we have walked the trails of France and elsewhere
since our earliest childhood.

French, European and world championships, mountain biking has occupied our childhood lives,
of adolescents and young adults. We were able to climb together on the highest
podium steps. We have decided today to extend the adventure and to carry out
our childhood dream: to create our own brand of bicycles. But this time, we let the
big suspensions and big knobby tires in the garage and it's the city we want

We want to bring color to the asphalt and move the crowds with the best way to
daily transport: the bicycle. And since our legs are no longer those of our youth
years, we are not going to lie to each other, we thought of electric assistance of course!

And the city is not always a long calm river especially in our beautiful French cities.

Then, the electric assistance appeared as a matter of course.

This is how BCKL was born, a bike that looks like us and that we assemble with love
In France.

Our commitment ?

To offer you an accessible bike that makes it possible to democratize the practice to as many people as possible.

So no more traffic jams, stress and the hassle of parking. Keep it simple. Make way for smiles. room for freedom

Our dream ?

Recreate the atmosphere of bike gatherings by creating a community around BCKL

Like the Vélodrome, we truly believe that cycling can bring us all together and create unity within our cities and countryside. And we know that it is also valid at the Parc des Princes ;)