The BCKL electrically assisted bicycle

Pour alléger votre quotidien, avec passion.

To try it is to adopt it

Book a test drive and test our electrically assisted bicycle.

Your everyday superhero

The BCKL bicycle created by enthusiasts. For everyone.

It was as a family that we created BCKL, the bike created by enthusiasts for everyone. Because we believe that passion can drive our lives, we wanted to make a bike that makes your life easier.
From ride to cool thanks to the performance of a bike and an accessible price? It's possible.
We are launching BCKL to give you a smile in the morning!


The BCKL bicycle available in 2 colors

Why choose BCKL?

  • Simple, reliable and efficient

    In all serenity, the frame is guaranteed for life and everything else 2 years

  • Fully equipped, ready to ride

    Luggage rack, kickstand, mudguards, battery-powered lights, Axa wheel blocker. Everything is there !

  • Assembled in France

    Designed, developed, assembled, painted and tested in France, in the Nantes Cocorico region!

  • 4 levels of assistance

    Removable 463 Wh battery and force sensor

  • Ultra comfortable

    - A saddle with comfort +++ to take care of your butt
    - Wide pedals to ride in peace
    - An open frame and handlebar inspired by the most popular in Amsterdam

  • Designed by enthusiasts, for everyone

    From the trails of the four corners of France and Europe to the asphalt of Marseille, Paris and Amsterdam, the passion for cycling has always been part of our daily lives.

BCKL Passion, driving force of your life

  • Quality

  • Passion

  • Serenity

  • Comfort

The bikes are designed, developed, painted, assembled and tested in France in the Nantes region. The paint is certified free of volatile organic compound emissions.

Riding should be synonymous with pleasure. To get to work or go for a ride, be proud to travel with BCKL, because it's easy.

Reliable, practical and fun. Lighten your daily life with BCKL

Who says driving pleasure, says comfort. The easy-to-step open frame and its adjustable stem will ensure unparalleled comfort. And watch out for the saddle with its springs, your booty and your back will be in heaven!